NAMES OF JESUS, paperback book

NAMES OF JESUS, paperback book


It’s the Name exalted above every other. He’s called the Word, the Son of God, the King, the Lamb, and the great I AM. The Bible refers to Jesus by many names to help us grasp the One who is unfathomable. He is Messiah, the Chief Cornerstone, the Great Shepherd, and Servant. Truly, one title cannot contain the vastness of His all-surpassing glory!

But what is the significance of His names? Our brand-new resource, Names of Jesus—available only from Insight for Living UK—will enable you to:

  • Grasp the significance of 30 names the Bible gives Jesus as well as how their meanings apply to your life
  • Discover how the meaning of Jesus’ names play a role in better understanding many Old Testament prophecies
  • Be inspired to worship our Saviour as you gain a richer understanding of who He is
  • Grow in awe of our Lord’s multifaceted roles . . . and how they each affect you

There’s only one Name under heaven with the power to save, and that name is Jesus. 

(152-page paperback book)