GOD KNOWS WHAT HE'S ABOUT - MP3 02 - God Chooses His Servants

GOD KNOWS WHAT HE'S ABOUT - MP3 02 - God Chooses His Servants

Matthew 1:18-25

Over-familiarity takes a toll on all of us. We know the Christmas story so well, we no longer allow ourselves room to enter into the reality of just how scandalous it was. We seldom allow ourselves to step back into that original setting, when Mary and Joseph lived in a village so small that their business was everybody’s business! The gossip and shunning and isolation must have been tremendously hard on the betrothed couple. But despite this, Mary displayed a level of maturity: she heard, accepted, believed, followed through, and worshiped the Lord. Joseph exhibited faith and self-control when he could have chosen instead to walk away from Mary.

God knows what He’s about when it comes to choosing His servants . . . and that includes you. 

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