As Monthly Partners, We Can Live with Gusto

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As Monthly Partners, We Can Live with Gusto

What does it take to “really live”? We talked earlier in this issue about living a contagious life. What does it take to live like that?

Many would say it takes money. If you want to have the good life, you need a lot of money. Others would perhaps say, no—it takes youth. If you plan to keep up in this day of speed and change and innovation, you have to stay young and in the fast lane. But who’s to say that the fast life is the real life?
Still others would say it takes comfort. “I want it easy.” But who’s to say the comfortable life is the real life?

We could go on with this thinking and name a half dozen other things. Education. A satisfying job. Productivity. Achieving your goals.

What does it take to really live?

I find it nothing short of remarkable that so few people ask God that question. We would be wise to ask the One who holds the patent on our bodies, who crafted us with our personalities, who put life together as we know it, to show us what He had in mind when He described life abundant.

Insight for Living is committed to discovering God’s answers to our question, “What does it take to really live?” That’s our goal; this is our means:

  • Expositional preaching through the Bible—we travel book by book to discover God’s deep and intended original meaning in His timeless communication.
  • Systematic teaching of doctrine—we teach all of God’s truth . . . exploring what He says about humanity, about sin, about His programme, about His Son, about our future.
  • Practical application of the Bible’s truth—we learn how to make God’s truth our own, inviting it to change our attitudes, actions, and perspectives.

That answers the “what” we do. “How” we deliver this truth to you varies by any number of options. You can get this truth through broadcasts, podcasts, and printed ministry resources. Each is intended to ignite a passion for the accurate and practical application of God’s Word in your life.

What’s more, because of the effectiveness of the radio and the Internet, pastors around the world are being awakened to the power of preaching God’s Word expositionally, systematically, and with practical application. As you join with us, our combined efforts are making a difference across time zones. Through Terry Boyle in the United Kingdom and other Insight for Living pastors in such places as Russia, Brazil, the Middle East, and Central and South America, untold numbers are discovering God’s truth about what it takes to really live . . . and with amazing results! God is using His Word to change lives.

That is our vision and our passion realised on a daily basis.

How has this happened, and how can it continue?

Your partnership! As a listener-supported Charity, Insight for Living UK depends on the consistent financial contribution of friends like you. We depend on people who will stand by us in good times and bad¬—companions who persevere and endure.

During the apostle John’s exile on the rugged island of Patmos, he wrote to his “fellow partakers” in the kingdom of God (Revelation 1:9). Like John, Paul cultivated a number of companions and friends throughout his ministry. Timothy, Titus, Luke, Silas, and Barnabas travelled with Paul on his missionary journeys, teaching alongside him, arranging for provisions, and offering much-needed encouragement.

In the same way, Insight for Living UK depends on dedicated partners to link arms with us, lifting us up in prayer and standing with us financially. We seek to develop deeper, stronger relationships with our partners in ministry . . . to ensure that we share the same vision and to provide mutual encouragement.

If you are already a Monthly Partner, thank you for standing with us through your giving and prayer. Your partnership makes an impact.
When you support Insight for Living UK, you make an eternal investment in the lives of men and women throughout the UK and Europe. I hope you will choose to walk closely with us as a Monthly Partner.

I promise you that when you ask the question, What does it take to really live? you can find the answer here—as we teach God’s Word, seek God’s direction, and join hands and hearts with God’s people, ready to do His work.

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