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Insight For Living Ministries exists to provide tools to help you understand and apply God's Word to your daily life. Our Bible teachers, Chuck Swindoll and Terry Boyle, have devoted their lives to the clear, practical application of God's Word. Please accept the below resource as a gift from us. It is simply our way of supporting you in your Christian life.

How Can I Win Over Worry?, CD

In our breakneck-paced culture, worry has reached emotional epidemic levels. We are the most anxious among all of God's created beings, and our diseases are often emotionally induced.

Surely God did not design our bodies to endure such self-imposed stress. Nor does this intensity represent the way His children should model His message of peace.

Today, we want to think along scriptural guidelines as we rediscover a life characterised by rest instead of rush, calm instead of confusion, peace instead of panic, tranquility instead of turmoil.

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How Can I Win Over Worry?, CD

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