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Insight For Living Ministries exists to provide tools to help you understand and apply God's Word to your daily life. Our Bible teachers, Chuck Swindoll and Terry Boyle, have devoted their lives to the clear, practical application of God's Word. Please accept the below resource as a gift from us. It is simply our way of supporting you in your Christian life.

Believers' Greatest Hope, CD

Every new year, many of us hang a new calendar on the wall, with no marks except for the special holidays that are printed in the calendar. And it remains to be filled in with events that have not yet occurred, many of which are totally unexpected. So it is with the future. We simply do not know what tomorrow holds. In fact, we don’t know what this afternoon holds, to say nothing of next month or next year. There are days we wish we knew. There are other times we’re glad we don’t. As we face an unknown future, let’s examine what 1 Thessalonians 4:13–18 teaches us about our greatest hope.

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Believers' Greatest Hope, CD

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